“First I would like to say it isn’t easy to find a spiritual worker that works with small children, much less find an amazing, loving, and kind one! Stacia has been working with my son since he was five years old and our journey with her as been nothing short of amazing. Her insight and ability to communicate with him (at the time he was nonverbal) is incredible. Stacia helped to clear out and balance his throat chakra and showed him how to come into his voice!” Lori Martinez, Denver, CO | Mother of Client for Children’s Session

“Stacia is one of the most gentle, kind and intuitive persons I know! Her Awakened Woman Class helped me see things a bit differently as a single mom struggling with parenting a special needs child. I am getting better at including myself in the wholeness of life. As for my son, she worked one on one with him for a time in a way that was uniquely genius. He is extremely sensitive, “otherworldly”, and there are few people he trusts or relates to, much less bonds with in the way he did with Stacia. He really feels like she gets him. I can’t thank her enough!” – GuruDhan Khalsa, Longmont, CO | Student, Personal Session Client

“I met Stacia when she taught The Awakened Woman class and I was so grateful for her down to earth approach. I then started seeing her for some intuitive readings/healings when I needed help with myself and my family. Stacia’s clairvoyance and intuition are right on, and every time I leave a session, I feel validated and empowered to move on to my next steps. I had a lot of birth trauma from my first birth and Stacia helped me clear it in two sessions. I was then able to be more present for my second baby’s birth without holding on to the trauma from my first. Stacia has also helped my toddler with sleep issues that we were having trouble resolving with other therapies and supplements. I highly recommend Stacia’s classes and her one on one intuitive readings. They have changed my life greatly.” – KO, Boulder, CO | Student, Personal Session Client

“My journey with Stacia started out of curiosity after hearing how she helped a friend’s child. I always considered myself intuitive, but did not know how and how much I could use my intuition. I am empathic, but had a hard time to set healthy boundaries. After taking the “how to heal yourself” class, I was ready to explore my psychic potential with the intuitive training program. I had no idea that I would be able to clear so many blocks and fears. The explanation is simple: I was not aware of them!
Stacia’s classes taught me how to use my intuition, set boundaries, ground myself, release energy, be the creator of my own life and help others to empower themselves. I love being able to be true to myself by deprogramming what and how I am suppose to think versus finding my own path. I am a spirit in a body and being in touch with my spirituality is like going to the gym! Everyone is psychic, it’s up to everyone to decide to “see clearly”. I now understand better why a full body length mirror in French is called a “psyché”. Merci Stacia” – DCB | Intuitive Training Student

“I first met Stacia when I took a class called The Awakened Woman. At the time, I just thought it was a place to learn to relax. I didn’t know that [I would] let go of the trauma of an abusive upbringing and violent childhood home in order to make room for a family of my own. Once The Awakened Woman was over, I spent several years doing private sessions and classes with Stacia and learned from her how to stop trying to be a fixer of everybody else’s pain. Eventually, I became a mama myself, and to tie it all together, Stacia was present at the birth of my daughter. While I still go to her (almost daily) for advice as a friend, when it comes to spiritual crises, Stacia always steers me back to my own self and all that I have learned from her these many years. Without Stacia’s teachings, I might still be a scared 4 year old girl. Thanks to her, I’m the mother of a sassy, sweet baby girl who is just about fearless.” – Nami Thompson, Boulder, CO | Student, Personal Session Client

“Stacia has a HUGE gift. She is an amazing and powerful healer with so much humility and kindness. She can see what is going on with you at the deepest level and help you through those challenges. After a session with her, no matter how stressed I felt going in, I always experience so much relief and feel happy when I leave. Her guidance is easy to understand, easy to do, yet hugely powerful in helping you feel clear, happy and supported in your spiritual growth. She is magical. She helps you bring your spiritual practice into all you do.” – MM, Boulder, CO | Student, Personal Session Client

“Stacia is such a great healer and resource for moms. She knows her stuff and offers fast effective tools and meditations to offer great relief for women with and without babies. I have had amazing experiences when I have worked with her!” – MHM, Boulder, CO | Student, Personal Session Client

“As I was writing … I realized I could have continued proclaiming the good word of “Mama Meditation” groups and Miss Stacia. I believe we find this work and it finds us when we are ready.  I am the mother of a two-year old and an infant, doing full-time “unpaid” work as their Mama. I was in need of more ongoing emotional support and balance in my life. Then, I found Stacia! After attending many of her “Mama Meditation” groups (and still counting), I now have a variety of tools to draw upon in moments of frustration, loneliness, fear, going too fast, and so on. It seems that whatever issue I bring to Stacia, she is able to help me transform and release it, which in turn creates space for filling up with more of what I crave and need. It is also a validating experience to slow down and join together with other Mamas and know that we are not alone in this amazing and challenging journey. These weekly groups have become an anchor in my life and if need be, I am able to bring my baby to the group as well. I will keep coming back as long as I need to.” – KB, Boulder, CO | Class and Meditation Group Participant, Personal Session Client

“Stacia’s abilities and insights have helped me to initiate amazing changes! I wasn’t sure what to expect at my first session, but she talked me through each step. Afterwards, I felt lighter and more certain. Not only did Stacia give me peace of mind with my healing, but she has also given me the tools to help myself. Thank you so much Stacia!” -JM, Santa Fe, NM | Healing & Intuitive Reading Client, Student

“I just listened to the recording of the distance healing you did for me. Lots to think about and work on, but you gave me some good starting points. A lot of it I knew about myself, but needed to hear from someone else. Thank you so much, this is so helpful and now I know where to start and how to gain a little clarity on my own as I move forward!” -CMR, Denver, CO | Healing Client (distance)

“I think you are amazing! When our daughter woke up from her afternoon nap she was really happy and had a really great evening! I could see that her energy had shifted! She went down for bed easily and we had a good night too. The fussy-baby seems to be relieved. The things you saw about diet definitely resonate, and I will try eliminating the corn products for a while. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and intuition!” -MM, Mom to 3-mo old baby, Northern CA | Children’s Healing Client (distance)

“You were right, and she was really cranky for a couple of days after the healing as her pent up emotions started to shift. But then she was GREAT. As you suggested from what you saw during the healing, I’ve been trying to talk with her and helping her to understand her new role as a big sister. I’m also making sure she gets some special mommy time just for her, and I think she really appreciates that! I can see her own spirit manifesting now. Thank you again! I think it really, REALLY helped.” -MM, Mom to 2.5 year old, Northern CA | Children’s Healing Client (distance)