All personal sessions may include intuitive reading, energy healing and personalized intuitive meditation techniques that will leave the you and your child feeling empowered with tools to create change within your lives as soon as the session has ended.

Working with children is one of my true passions and greatest strengths.  Nothing brings me more joy than present time communication with a child’s spirit.  I have a true gift in being able to look at what is going on at a spiritual level, behind the physical level manifestation of what is happening. Children’s sessions can be great for:

  • Children of all ages (pre-conception and pre-birth too!)
  • A way for kids to be validated as spirit and to help them release built up energies
  • Help to shift the energy behind: tantrums, sleeplessness, fear, anxiety, hyperactivity, health issues and anything else that seems “just not right”
  • Can be of benefit to children who are extremely gifted, highly sensitive, socially frustrated, diagnosed with things such as ADD/ADHD, autism, often get sick with illness, physical injuries, energy imbalances, etc.
  • To give the child/parent relationship a little reset and new perspective

Let’s ask for some intuitive guidance in understanding what your child going through – they may need some help releasing energy they are being affected by, to learn a new meditation tool to reset themselves in the future, or some simple validation and compassion for what it is they are experiencing. It is also a great space for the child-parent relationship to receive a healing – where a greater understanding and acceptance of one another will come with information gained, as well as with the alignment of the two closely intertwined energies.

One of the many benefits in the sessions is the release of blocked energy that can help the child and parent simply open up to next steps along the path.  Your journey together, as co-creators in this life, is never ending.  There is not one be-all-end all solution to any type of scenario.  There are only steps towards learning and personal growth – for both parent and child.  It is truly amazing what these kids show me, on an energetic and spiritual level, when I work with them; and once we move out stuck energy the next step opportunities seem to present themselves in a much more effortless manner.  I see these miracles unfold quite often after sessions.

Additionally, there is a growing awareness that there are more highly sensitive children being born into existence. One example of this is with the increase in autism, ADHD and other such diagnosis. There is also an increase in challenging energy patterns on the planet that are having an effect on all kids.  One of my main goals here is to help the children of our world feel more at home – both in their bodies, within their families and doing this funny thing we call life!

These sessions are held at my office in Lafayette on Fridays (please contact me at for scheduling in person availability), or can be done via zoom (depending on which services you are specifically looking for).

I offer children’s sessions in 30-minute increments (if your child is 13+ they can have an adult session for 1-hour, please use that option for booking). Please book via the schedule tab on the menu above.