4-week series | E-Course coming soon! | $150

Understand Your Chakras, Understand Your Children! Learn more about your chakras and intuitively look at how they can help you to understand your relationship with your children. This ancient system is an energetic way to describe and understand important aspects of your life. Tuning into this knowledge within yourself can not only provide valuable personal information, but we’ll also look at how an awareness of this offers tremendous insight into what you’re working on with your children in any given moment. See how you are relating in areas such as:

-Health & Sense of Safety
-Personal Power
-Manifestation & Co-Creation
-Affinity & Love
-Knowing and trusting ones’ self and each other

You are a reflection of one another and have come together to learn and grow in the most amazing ways. Let’s explore your journey together!

This class is via phone – join us from the comfort of your own home. If you can’t join the call live, recordings will be emailed to all participants. The first 1-hour of the class is the guided/listening portion and the last 30-minute is open for questions and sharing – where a plethora of additional insight can come in from hearing others’ experiences and musings.

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Moms! Join me for these sessions, which provide the opportunity to connect with other moms and then move to a space of giving to yourself by utilizing simple, easy to access, guided visualization techniques that help one to come to a place of mindfulness within the moment.

PARENTING MEDITATIONS | 3rd Thursday of every month, 7-8pm | $10
Monthly parenting meditations will have a specific focus to bring awareness and shifts. Join us for this gathering of parents that incorporates sharing and guided meditation that will take you on a journey within. We will first check-in on what’s up for you in your parenting space in relationship to the topic and then mindfulness visualizations will be offered as a way to tune into yourself to honor your feelings, let go of what is not serving you, and bring a bit of a reset to your sense of well-being. A wonderful gift to give to yourself AND your family!  Adults only please. Located at A Moms Space, 424 E. Simpson Street, Lafayette, CO, please pre-register at the date you wish to attend here.

Join us for this fun hour where caregivers and kids will explore their personal space, their energy, their bodies and spirits! The class will offer a “tool” via guided meditation, that we will also make into an art project to take home, that both moms and kids can benefit from by imagining on their own time to help them to feel better in any given moment. The meditations are very short and age-appropriate – it doesn’t matter if your kiddo can sit still, everyone will still have fun and leave with a takeaway from the session. Open to caregivers and kids ages 0-5 years old, any level of participation welcome; come to be with other moms and kids, learn something new and have fun! Located at A Moms Space, 424 E. Simpson Street, Lafayette, CO, please pre-register at the date you wish to attend here.

PREGNANCY MEDITATION | 2nd Friday of every month, 1-1:50am | $5
These guided meditations can be a great way to relax and gain energy during pregnancy. This offering utilizes meditation and visualization techniques to help you feel more centered, rebalance emotions, relieve physical discomfort, align mom and baby’s energies, set birth intentions, and are a great way to say hello to the babe growing inside of you. The techniques are also great tools to use during labor. Located at A Moms Space, 424 E. Simpson Street, Lafayette, CO, please pre-register at the date you wish to attend here.

POSTPARTUM MEDITATION | 9:30-10:30am | Next date TBA
Partake in a guided meditation to help re-center in your new life. These guided mindfulness sessions will say hello to emotions, changes in day to day life, sleeplessness, and anything else that may be coming up for you after having had your baby. A great way to feel more grounded within yourself, and in turn, enhance your ability to support yourself and your family.

BREASTFEEDING MEDITATION | 9:30-10:30am | Next date TBA
Learn some easy techniques to relax into your breastfeeding journey. These visualizations can help mamas to embrace their nursing relationship, whether it’s been easy or hard. Gently relax into the moment and nourish yourself while nursing your babe!