4-week group| Sep 14th, 21st, 28th & Oct 5th, 2023, 10am-11:30am MT | $100

Navigating the intricate journey of raising adolescents can be both rewarding and challenging! It may seem they are moving further away from you, but it can also be a great joy to see them grow their wings. Let’s come together to share experiences, exchange insights, and provide each other with empathy – and then practice some meditation and mindfulness practices to help redefine our own parenting spaces into present time.

This group will be a sanctuary where you can connect with other parents who understand the unique dynamics of this stage in a space of non-judgement and understanding. Through discussion, guided mindfulness exercises, and meditations we’ll explore ways to manage stress, improve patience, and shift our perspectives.

Each week will have a primary topic that we will discuss, and then do some guided meditations to help us tap into our innate intuition as parents, and create more ease as we learn to relate to our children during this time of great change:

Week 1- Seeing your child thru present time eyes

Week 2 – Working with our own triggers

Week 3 – Destruction for reconstruction: understanding brain development, emotions, relationships

Week 4 – Building Trust: with your child, yourself, the future, and the journey

Please, join us in this circle of community for validation and personal awareness – helping you to approach your parenting relationship with renewed perspective, connection to your heart, and a centered mind. Ultimately, cultivating a deeper connection with both yourself and your ever-changing children.

This group will meet via zoom – join us from the comfort of your own home or office. If you can’t join the call live, recordings will be emailed to all participants, but we highly encourage you to attend and share in the vulnerability, real time.

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Facilitated by Stacia Synnestvedt, founder of the and  Stacia opened a brick and mortar parenting center in Lafayette, CO in 2014 when she had young children because she noted the need for community support in parenting.  Over the years, her business has morphed into supporting all walks of life in meditation and intuitive development practices.  Now that her children are older, ages 11 and 15, she is noticing the unique need for community around parenting tweens/teens, and is excited to create this circle for parents of children in this age group!  Stacia recognizes the power in sharing, and witnessing, one another through our struggles; and holds the space so that participants can walk away from the group more grounded in the present, holding new perspectives, feeling empowered, and having a sense of hope and transformation.