I Want You To Know { A Message From Jack }

**Please note: contains story of baby loss, published with permission.

In my service to the world, I sometimes get called to the honorable place of working with families that have lost their babies all too soon. It is a blessing to be able to bridge a gap between the physical and spiritual worlds for those who are experiencing such a tremendous sense of loss. I don’t have all the answers and I can’t make the grief go away, but I can offer a special gift.

Spirit to spirit communication is what I do, and it can show up in many forms – pictures as metaphors, sounds, smells, stories, and more. These sessions for families that have experienced baby loss, like all that I offer, bring in higher-self information from each person’s spiritual perspective about the journey that has unfolded.

Recently, I had the honor of working with baby Jack and his mama. Their session had many beautiful aspects to weave together their tapestry of life and spiritual connection. One portion of the reading brought me deeply into the center of my heart space and tears to my eyes.

Jack’s mother was telling me about when his beautiful body was first born into the world. As she offered the the story, I was clairvoyantly observing what was happening between body and spirit through what she wanted to express outloud.

She said, “I spoke calmly to Jack as I held him, and told him how loved he was, how brave he was, and how proud we were of him.”

As I was watching, Jack showed me an image of himself as a spirit, at the moment in time she was referring to, saying these exact same words to her. Essentially, through her. He wanted me to make his mother aware that those words she was saying aloud to him, that she felt so strongly, were also meant for her to hear. To know about herself.

“You are so loved, you are so brave, and I am so proud of you.”

People often marvel over the pregnancy and birth process and how a mother is a magical vessel used to bring spirit into physical form. Mystics may call it a channeling of spirit through oneself. Jack’s story brings forth the idea that even when the physical journey ends, there is still a strong connection between mother and child. Their physical bodies had separated, yet their spirits will always be connected. He showed how he could still channel his essence into the world to give her, and their entire family, a message of continued support, love and togetherness.

Even though his physical journey was short, and the pain of that can not be taken away completely, I can still see Jack’s bright light shining and helping his family to heal and grow; in turn, inspiring them to spread their roots to help the world.

He is proud of them.

This post, and message from Jack,  offers a gentle reminder for anyone that has lost a loved one. You can close your eyes and listen, think, speak, feel — in ease and trust — and there will be a message waiting. When you open your awareness in this way, physical signs may also appear in the most unexpected, yet validating, ways. All are affirmations of love and continued connection.