All personal sessions may include intuitive reading, energy healing and personalized intuitive meditation techniques that will leave you feeling empowered with tools to create change within your life as soon as the session is over.  Sessions with parents can include methods to:

  • Increase parents energy
  • Provide neutrality and insight to various situations within your family dynamic
  • Give parents new ways to help manage all the emotions, physicalities, and responsibilities (just to name a few) that come with the experience of being a parent
  • Provide parents with the ability to view and enjoy their child as the pure spirit they are
  • Open up to the creation of a personal parenting style that not only provides neutral guidance, but allows children freedom and acceptance to blossom into who they want to be and what they came here to do
  • Give mom or dad a reset and perspective on how to best take care of oneself, in turn helping the entire household flow
  • Help to move any blocks, resistances or unconsciousness energy that is not helpful to the parenting space
  • Look at the family agreements on a spiritual level and see why you have come together to co-create in life together

It’s something all parents know – taking care of kids can be exhausting! The good news is that it is possible to keep your energy up and enjoy more of those precious moments with your children. We can take an intuitive look at any specific challenges or questions that you have coming up with your parenting space or with your children, and then ask for what types of healing, energetic boundary setting and meditation tools would best facilitate change. For the most part it’s about understanding things on an energetic and spiritual level – what your child is working on, what it is reflecting in you, and learning how to release and heal from that awareness.

This space is also a great opportunity to give to yourself – something so many parents push to the back burner.  We can look at what you need as an individual and how to best take care of yourself from moment to moment!  When you push the reset button on your own well being, the ripple effect that it has on your family is amazing!

This service is open to both moms and dads. Also great for anyone in the childcare or teaching fields.

I offer these sessions in 60-minute increments, cost is $200 (sliding scale is available, please ask). Please book using the schedule tab on the main menu.