Daytime, Weekly Format |  Tuesday Mornings 10am-Noon OR Thursday afternoons 1-3pm MT | via Zoom | $250/mo

Please join me for this life-changing program. It offers meditative ways to intuitively look at one’s self from a neutral perspective, and teaches unique techniques to heal old patterning,  create new paradigms in self awareness and how to create one’s own life. It is deeply healing, and nourishing to both body and spirit! We all have innate intuitive abilities, or a sixth sense that we can exercise, and this is a wonderful way to tap into the true meaning of “psychic” – which simply means relating to or connection of the soul. I am honored to now be guiding others through this life changing work that offered so much transformation in my own life.

A 12-month course to learn simple, yet powerful tools to increase your intuitive awareness and go within for self healing and to discover your own answers.

In this program you will:

Gain conscious awareness of your wisdom as a spirit; participate in a community of like-minded souls; heal yourself and others without giving away your energies.

Create and maintain healthy boundaries, experience inner peace embody personal freedom; learn to consciously create your life; own your personal space; heal unwanted patterns.

Receive validation for your clairvoyance (everyone has this ability!); develop certainty and trust in your intuition through a proven format of meditations and other techniques to heal yourself and others – learn to read past lives, aura layers, chakras, work with spirit guides, understand karma + many more spiritual counseling and energy awareness modalities. You will graduate an ordained minister through the Church of Inner Light!

I would love to have YOU join us anytime once you have met the pre-reqs! Please visit this page to learn more about the program and when the next start date is!