I Want You To Know { A Message From Jack }

**Please note: contains story of baby loss, published with permission.

In my service to the world, I sometimes get called to the honorable place of working with families that have lost their babies all too soon. It is a blessing to be able to bridge a gap between the physical and spiritual worlds for those who are experiencing such a tremendous sense of loss. I don’t have all the answers and I can’t make the grief go away, but I can offer a special gift.

Spirit to spirit communication is what I do, and it can show up in many forms – pictures as metaphors, sounds, smells, stories, and more. These sessions for families that have experienced baby loss, like all that I offer, bring in higher-self information from each person’s spiritual perspective about the journey that has unfolded.

Recently, I had the honor of working with baby Jack and his mama. Their session had many beautiful aspects to weave together their tapestry of life and spiritual connection. One portion of the reading brought me deeply into the center of my heart space and tears to my eyes.

Jack’s mother was telling me about when his beautiful body was first born into the world. As she offered the the story, I was clairvoyantly observing what was happening between body and spirit through what she wanted to express outloud.

She said, “I spoke calmly to Jack as I held him, and told him how loved he was, how brave he was, and how proud we were of him.”

As I was watching, Jack showed me an image of himself as a spirit, at the moment in time she was referring to, saying these exact same words to her. Essentially, through her. He wanted me to make his mother aware that those words she was saying aloud to him, that she felt so strongly, were also meant for her to hear. To know about herself.

“You are so loved, you are so brave, and I am so proud of you.”

People often marvel over the pregnancy and birth process and how a mother is a magical vessel used to bring spirit into physical form. Mystics may call it a channeling of spirit through oneself. Jack’s story brings forth the idea that even when the physical journey ends, there is still a strong connection between mother and child. Their physical bodies had separated, yet their spirits will always be connected. He showed how he could still channel his essence into the world to give her, and their entire family, a message of continued support, love and togetherness.

Even though his physical journey was short, and the pain of that can not be taken away completely, I can still see Jack’s bright light shining and helping his family to heal and grow; in turn, inspiring them to spread their roots to help the world.

He is proud of them.

This post, and message from Jack,  offers a gentle reminder for anyone that has lost a loved one. You can close your eyes and listen, think, speak, feel — in ease and trust — and there will be a message waiting. When you open your awareness in this way, physical signs may also appear in the most unexpected, yet validating, ways. All are affirmations of love and continued connection.


All for love: a reminder to myself when my kids are sick

It’s been a very long week. My two-year old son has been sick. It started with a 103+ degree fever that left him lethargic, turned into an upper respiratory cold and ear infection that made him hyper-emotional and all-around uncomfortable in his body. The primary thing that settled him all week was laying cuddled in bed with his neck propped at just the right angle in the crook of my elbow. Of course there were plenty of times where I was jumping up and down trying to find the right remedy to calm the coughing or to appease his endless requests for juice, something to eat, a different kind of juice, something else to eat (because of course nothing tasted good), etc. etc. I’m sure all parents know the kind of week that I am talking about. Exhausting and heartbreaking.

A couple of nights ago, at the end of the day, as I we laid down in his bed together – with my arms around him and his body at just the right degree of uprightness to stop the coughing so he could fall asleep – I let the extreme tiredness begin to creep into my body too. However, my mind wouldn’t stop running around in circles with different things that I could possibly try tonight, or tomorrow, that would help him to feel better and get through it all the faster. I was totally stuck in my mind and that “doing” mode that it’s so easy to get caught in. Read More

A Transformational Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my first born, I not only expanded (and we’re talking some major stretching) in the physical sense, but also took immense steps in my spiritual growth.

Throughout my twenties I experienced tons of body aches, pains and illnesses. I often referred to myself as an 80-year old in a 25-year old body, and friends and family were always shocked with all my crazy diagnosis’. Occasionally, the thought of kids would come up, and my partner at the time would reflect that I couldn’t make it being pregnant because my body was so weak. And I believed him. It’s amazing to me, when I look back now, how I readily bought into this picture of lack in health, and how often times my spirit wasn’t in my body in order to deal with all the pain.

When I started to take steps down my current path, beginning to meditate and release untruths through my clairvoyant training, I went through some major shifts in my body as I let go of this false definition of myself. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you, but I slowly came to a place where I was feeling healthy and energized. I had just turned 30 and had a sense of freedom from my old self. Then, just as I was starting to understand that you get exactly what you need to go further in your healing, I found out I was pregnant.
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My Car is Broken! Letting Things Be Easy.

Recently, I was caught in all the details of how to deal with my new (to me) car being super broken … the next steps seemed to overwhelm me: tow truck, where to take it, fear of it being irrepairable, etc.

Instead of taking any immediate action, I used my meditation techniques to work on my neutrality, and grounded out my fear and all of the effort I was feeling. Then I let it go for the night; I shut my analytical mind off and enjoyed the evening with my family. The next day, when I actually set out to take steps towards a solution, I did a google search using keywords that I hadn’t thought of previously – based on spur of the moment inspiration – and ended up speaking to a shop that I didn’t even know existed. They were located IN my neighborhood, and they sent someone over to my house, fixed the problem in less than 10 minutes, and didn’t even charge us.

The Universe is always conspiring to help you, if you just let it! Also, the present moment is where the MAGIC is.

Do you have an Everyday Miracle that that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear your stories!

Healing Pets

Every soul we cross paths with has a reason for showing up in our lives. We encounter people and situations to help us grow and evolve. For anyone who has ever had a pet they know that this holds true for those furry creatures that we share our time and space with.

I have personally been blessed with some very special pets that have been amazing teachers. I’d like to share a journey I took with two amazing little chihuahuas. It starts when I had an undeniable urge to get a chihuahua puppy. My partner at the time thought I was a little nuts since we were both large dog fans. When I just couldn’t squelch the desire, and he finally tired of the begging, he agreed to explore the possibility saying, “I know you have very strong intuition and if there is some reason it is telling you to go down this path, let’s see why.” Little did we know what kind of  journey we were about to embark upon.
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