All personal sessions may include any combo of intuitive reading, energy healing and personalized intuitive meditation techniques that will you feeling empowered with tools to create change within your life as soon as the session is over.

The mother-child connection is truly one of the most powerful experiences we can have as humans, and it’s so powerful to hold a place of awareness as you walk this journey.

Pregnancy Support Sessions

Being a mother, and to have another person’s spirit manifest into a physical body inside of you goes beyond words. If you are pregnant, a personal session would be a great way to get one-on-look at how you’re doing at the moment. Once we take a look at what’s going on we can utilize guided meditations and energy healing, personalized to you and your babe, to help you feel more centered, rebalance emotions, relieve physical discomfort, align mom and baby’s energies, set birth intentions, and are a great way to say hello to the babe growing inside of you. The information and meditation tools that come out of these sessions are also great to use during labor. Not to mention any communication we get from your baby’s spirit is always fun! I can teach you how to communicate with them as well!

Postpartum Support Sessions

The post-partum period is a most-crucial time for a mama to receive some extra TLC.  In a personal session we will say hello to emotions, changes in day to day life, sleeplessness, and anything else that may be coming up for you after having had your baby.  A great way to feel more grounded within yourself, and in turn, enhance your ability to support yourself and your family.

Another offering of these sessions is for mamas who have already had a birth experience (or two, or three, or..). I work with mothers to help them integrate their birth stories. Whether you had your perfect birth, or some unexpected events, a lot of emotions and thoughts can surface after the birth of a baby. Working with intuition, energy healing and meditations, we can access safe place that feels more neutral to take a look at your stories, embrace how they unfolded, and honor them. Allowing them to process by feeling the emotions without getting stuck in them. Giving the full story a place to reside, embodied, as the miracle that it was and making space for next steps – whether it be just day to day life or preparing for another pregnancy and birth. It can be especially helpful if you are expecting again to bring your energy into the present moment (unsticking from fear, trauma, perfect pictures, etc of previous labors) and prep yourself to experience your next birth as it’s own unique expression of life. It doesn’t matter if you had your baby yesterday, or 20 years ago, this is powerful for all mama’s that have ever had a baby! This can be a pregnancy (if currently pregnant) or a postpartum (no matter how far past birth you are) offering.

I also specialize in helping parents who have experienced the unimagineable circumstance of baby loss work with their grief and experience from a spiritual perspective.

Baby Feeding Support Sessions

Everyone has a different journey when it comes to feeding their babies.  Breastfeeding can be easy for some, challenging for others, and a non-reality for some women.  I want you to know, that no matter what your feeding journey has been like, that you are enough and your baby loves you.   In these private sessions we can work on the energy of what’s coming up around feeding your baby and then learn some easy techniques to relax into the journey. These visualizations can help you to embrace your nursing, or bottle feeding, relationship, whether it’s been easy or hard, and help you gently relax into the moment and nourish yourself while feeding your babe!

I offer these sessions in 60-minute increments, cost is $200 (sliding scale is available, please ask). Please book using the schedule tab on the main menu.