Let’s step into the flow of life together … Immersed in gratitude for the gentle ripples; filled with amusement and wisdom through the rapids … Yes, it can be done.  I offer to you:

  • Empowering offerings such as classes, workshops, spiritual counseling that includes intuitive reading, energy healing and personalized meditation techniques
  • Writings from my real-life about how I personally “practice what I preach” in my day-to-day, with a goal to entertain and inspire
  • Unique perspectives to add to your parenting tool belt, if you are a parent, that is!
  • Inspiration to find a meditation practice that works for you
  • Techniques to learn about, and begin to trust, your intuition
  • New ways to shift your energy by letting go of that which is not yours to hold onto
  • Connect with your life in new and meaningful ways
  • Motivation to become more present within each moment
  • Ways to heal yourself through mind-body-spirit awareness
  • Lots of my own thoughts on my love and gratitude for everyday magic and miracles
  • All are welcome to be a part of this journey.  Yes, I’m a mama, and I love to work with children, moms and families – but this work is applicable to everyone, and I’m happy to have you join along!

I like to meditate.  But probably not in the way you think.  Meditation can be done in many different ways, and is deeply personal to the individual.

I have learned, and intuitively practice, various ways to go within during periods of quiet. Just as importantly, I am also well versed in mindfulness based tools to release stresses, and create more energy and present-time awareness, from moment-to-moment when I’m in the middle of juggling my kids, relationships, work, and that 100pt to-do-list.

It’s pretty fun to learn how to intuitively identify, and trust, what I need in any given moment!  And the letting go of what’s not necessary?  That’s just awesome.

I am intuitive and highly sensitive.  I have learned how to manage this with awareness and compassion by taking care of myself first, and still allowing for validation and grace in how I treat, respond to and hold space for others.  I get many opportunities to practice this in my day to day life, the greatest place being within my family – with my partner and kids.

I hope to bring some interest into the type of things that I am passionate about in my life by sharing some realness with you about my everyday, so please follow along with my personal stories, teachings and other blog entries!  My goal is to inspire you with the way I personally embrace these techniques in my life, especially in my role as a parent, and empower you with knowledge to change your life for the better.

Everyone can find ease and peace from moment to moment, and it is my passion to show you how! Moms can be cooking dinner from a mindful meditative state, kids can be running in circles to facilitate release. Whether you have an hour to meditate, or need a pick-me-up while you’re in the middle of working, let me help you to blow up old paradigms about what it means to meditate and find a way to bring it into your day-to-day life.

I embrace the flow of life from a place of permission, ease and trust in divine timing. It’s not always easy, but that’s why I call it a practice.

I can help you do allll of this too!

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