The Domino Effect of Healing

Has anyone else noticed the domino effect going on? It seems like it is just one thing after another these days – whether it be something on a global level such as the economy, or to something on a more personal level like communicating about challenging issues. It’s as if one bit of news leads to another and another. And for some reason there seems to be a shadow on the positive side of everything and the hard stuff is sitting in the wide open sunshine. The doorways are being opened for people to have the opportunity to admit those keep-in-the-closet-ego-type-things like “I don’t have any money” or “I have a problem with you”. Boy-oh-boy, I am constantly being given opportunities, at what seems like an accelerated pace, to face my demons, come to the truth of it and take action; and I am given chances over and over until I actually heal it within myself by making a shift that is inline with my spiritual knowingness.

How I perceive this is that we are at at time of immense change – a cleansing – on the planet. What goes in must come out. So all of the greed and ego that we have lived in for hundreds of thousands of years is now in reverse. We are experiencing it all, on a very intense level, as we work to rid ourselves of this methodology. On a higher, spiritual level, all of us have agreed to move into a new time here on earth – one in which we are starting the work for now, but may not even see in our current incarnations because there is so much releasing and healing to do. Eventually, everything will be less focused on the material and ego, and revolve more around our true-selves: love and light.

I’m bringing this up to remind us, especially myself, that every hardship that we are currently experiencing is an opportunity for healing, and most importantly, growth. If we can be present with what it is that seems so “hard” and try to live through it as the observer, set on neutral-release, we will be carried on the tides of change bringing us to the shores of a whole new existence. By learning techniques to become conscious in the cleansing of our old ways we will only help to propel and enhance the energetic vibration of this unavoidable shift. Just like a magnet we will attract the energy, innately found within each and every person, that aspires to do the same. There is no better form of community service at this time than to simply take care of yourself, as spirit, on this journey.

However, there is always that pesky little thing called resistance that makes it so hard to simply move through the stories as the observer, release the core of it, and tackle the next one. Well, we are all human afterall, and that is what we have known up to this point. Resistance is going to come up even more for us presently because it is connected to all that stuff we are now reversing out – it is our ego’s way of fighting against the change.

I urge all of us to be aware of what we are going through, try to release the resistance and attachment, and open up to what will be presented next. Now is the time to embrace universal spiritual principles such as grounding, having energy awareness, utilizing intuition and regularly practicing meditation techniques to connect to, and honoring, our inner-selves. Ultimately, helping to bring physical and spiritual knowingness into alignment.