Hi Tam!

I hope you are enjoying the Intuitive Training Telecourse!

When you originally enrolled you paid for the first month, with the agreement to enroll in a monthly auto-pay for the remainder of the course. We have now been through 5-weeks of the course, and it’s time to set up the remainder of your payments.

Here is a link to sign-up for your special price through pay-pal for a monthly auto-dection:

Intuitive Training Teleclass

Tam’s Intuitive Training Teleclass

Go through the steps to sign up ON THE DATE that you want the funds to be withdrawn from your account each month (you can’t select the date in the process, you must do it on the date you wish to have the deduction). So, this means to just sign up sometime within the next 30 days – if you can let me know what date to anticipate, that would be much appreciated. This will take out 11 more payments on that date each month. Of course, if you ever wish to discontinue the course you can let me know and I can stop the auto-deductions.

I look forward to continuing this journey with you! Once we learn all the basic tools, the work REALLY begins! ?